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Ready to go out and make something happen?

We don’t look for partners in any one industry or certain stage of growth—this keeps things interesting, and it’s simply how we like to work. Our clients are wonderfully diverse in their goals, and we love cultivating a tailored plan for each of them. 


Our clients have just one thing in common: they want to create experiences that bring their brand to life in compelling, evocative ways. They want people to have moments of “I can’t wait to tell my friends about this.”

At Eventus Outdoors, we do the two hardest parts of making these moments happen: keeping a pulse on trends in experiential marketing, and the monumental effort of seamless event production. We make sure each idea makes sense—not just on-brand, but optimized to land with pitch-perfect resonance for diverse audiences.


Concept Ideation

You know you want to do something great—but you aren’t sure what that something is. We got you. Tell us what’s important to you, who you want to reach, and we’ll whip up ideas that hit the mark.

Strategic Partnerships

We are a catalyst for partnerships between brands that nail everyone’s business goals. Behind the scenes, we look through our contacts list and say, “Okay, who has to meet each other?” (This is one of our favorite parts.)

Brand Development

We facilitate brand explorations and development exercises at any stage—whether you just submitted your LLC paperwork, or if you're an industry titan looking to hit a new market.

Project Management

Beyond experiential marketing: does your team have a complex project that needs next-level multitaskers? Or an incredible concept that needs an action plan and smart execution? Hi. We do that too.

Marketing Strategy

Smart marketing isn’t about selling anymore—it’s about connecting. What moves your audience? What are they about beyond consumption? These interesting questions are what get us out of bed each morning.

On-Site Identity & Exposure

As we conceive, plan, and bring unique experiences to life, we are always thinking about moments for organic brand integration. We want to keep your brand at the forefront in ways that feel effortless—never forced.

Operations & Logistics

We are masters at managing a million moving pieces. Don’t stress. Seriously. Just hand the whole deal over to us and watch it unfold. (We’ll let you look over our shoulder the whole time—if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Risk Management

The least-fun things are simultaneously the most important: safety measures, insurance, and liability protection. We’ve been around this block before, and we’ll make sure your team (and butt) is completely covered.

Location Scouting

Is it weird that we love spending hours on Google Earth staking out perfect locations? And that acquiring the necessary municipal permits for an event gives us a special high? It’s oddly soothing. Don’t judge us.

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