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Celebrating 50 Years of Impact

A two-day event featuring an industry expo and an intimate dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of California Trout.

Project Scope

To celebrate California Trout’s 50th Anniversary, Eventus hosted a two-day event. The event kicked off with an expo which was a community-focused event that brought people together to learn about fly fishing, the environment and interact with 12 + industry partners. The event culminated with an intimate dinner at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens—in fact, it was the first large private event there.

Eventus is top notch – their engaging event production elevated our anniversary year tenfold and allowed for meaningful engagement with donors. The noteworthy coordination and collaboration between partners big and small allowed our nonprofit to shine. We can’t wait to produce more events with this stellar team!

Tracey Diaz

Development & Communications Director

Ready to go out and make something happen?

Project Outcomes

·  A full open bar with hand-crafted cocktails and live jazz tunes

·  Vintage furniture, cozy fire pits, and floral arrangements from a local farm

·  A 32-foot video wall that live-streamed the event to Facebook

·  12+ brand partners at the expo (contributing over $30K of in-kind donations!)

·  An outdoor auction and dinner in a custom canopy with string lights

·  QR codes with menu offerings and brand partner information

·  Departure goodie bags ($70+ retail value) for all 220+ event attendees

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